Among our clients are international IT corporations and fintech companies that providesoftware to the banking sector, major oil and gas and industrial businesses as well as ambitious and burgeoning IT start-ups.

Our firm’s extensive practice focusing on the IT industry enables a full range of legal services aimed to support the ongoing operations of companies: advising on regulatory issues in the IT domain, including taxation, antitrust regulation, drafting license agreements, protection of intellectual property, information and personal data, corporate consulting, comprehensive support for investment and M&A transactions, litigation, and handling other key issues.

The IT industry is one of the most robust sectors of the global economy and the Russian market is no exception. In recent years, the industry has shown steady growth and has ample opportunities and development potential to boost the country's economy. Government subsidies and incentives, specific IT sector tax treatment, processing of personal data and ever-evolving laws require lawyers to have special industry qualifications.