In the modern era, antitrust regulation issues remain relevant and essential. The most frequent requests from major international corporations and Russian businesses operating in various business domains include the analysis and development of contractual business models that are consistent with the requirements of antitrust laws, resolution of disputes involving competition laws, unfair competition and compliance matters. Today, the need for advice on antitrust law issues is increasingly becoming especially relevant for clients in connection with M&A transactions, creation of joint ventures and resolution of disputes.

Our team has significant experience in advising clients on abuse of dominance and unfair competition, conducting antitrust audits which involve the assessment of potential risks and supporting clients during inspections. For more than 10 years, our professionals have been successfully helping businesses develop their protection strategies. Whenever necessary, they will make sure that a settlement agreement is in place.

Our key practice areas:

• Analysing and developing antitrust law compliant business models and reviewing contracts for compliance with antitrust laws

• Representing clients before the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation and in disputes involving antitrust authorities

• Advising on matters involving restrictions which relate to abuse of dominance and agreements / concerted actions that restrict competition

• Advising and representing clients in connection with matters involving unfair competition, including intellectual property ones

• Advising on antimonopoly control restrictions for M&A transactions and transactions involving shares or property of strategic businesses

• Representing clients and tenderers in connection with challenged tender results

• Drafting antitrust law compliant corporate policies

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