Labour law issues arise in any corporation, whether it is a major international business or a major Russian company. Our team has profound practical experience and necessary competencies to handle any matters involving labour laws.

Our clients approach us when they need help with addressing various issues involving the most relevant areas of labour laws, including documenting employment relations, development of recommendations on how to apply various labour law rules considering the specific aspects of the business, assessment and selection of the most relevant tools for resolving labour disputes and supporting clients in moving their large complex projects forward.

ВКМР LEGAL’s Labour Practice team members are lawyers with many years of practical experience in employment relations and practicing lawyers endowed with special powers.
Our relations with clients are built on trust and communication protected by attorney-client privilege. Labour disputes, compensation issues, downsizing and termination of employments are some of the most common issues faced by our clients.

Timely assistance in handling complex and sensible tasks for your business
Employment practice

We have succeeded in helping our clients survive the challenging times of the pandemic with dignity, when many retail outlets were closed and businesses’ operating activities were suspended, and formalise the termination of employment relations with minimal losses for both businesses and their employees.