Changes in family and inheritance laws and judicial practice, marriages between citizens of different countries involving specific interethnic family and property relations, complex composition and statutory regulation of spouses' property create an urgent need for the services of highly skilled lawyers experienced in family and inheritance laws.

ВКМР LEGAL’s team brings together experienced professionals in various areas of law, including top-level lawyers in international and corporate laws, tax advisors, intellectual property and real estate experts. We have extensive experience in cooperation with law firms domiciled in the CIS, Europe and the USA which enables us to handle complex cross-border matters involving family and inheritance laws as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The main services of our practice include:

• inheritance planning and advising on inheritance relations, including where assets are located in different jurisdictions

• protection of ancestors’ assets pending distribution among heirs

• drafting inheritance contracts, wills, joint wills; estate creation

• perfection of inheritance rights; representation services at pre-trial and judicial stages in connection with inheritance disputes

• drafting prenuptial, marital settlement, alimony, child custody and contact agreements

• pre-trial and legal representation services in matters involving the dissolution of a marriage, division of spouses’ property, child custody and contact arrangements, collection of or changing alimony, including matters involving foreign citizens

• advising and supporting the activities of a family office, protection of family businesses from third-party claims, and tax planning

• planning, structuring, managing, comprehensively supporting pecuniary and non-pecuniary family affairs, family business inheritance matters, family business risk management, including where matters involve different jurisdictions

Support and assistance in addressing the most important challenges.
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