All of these factors make the oil and gas industry one of the most significant sectors for legal consulting and require advisors to have excellent skills and experience in the segment.

ВКМР LEGAL’s lawyers have unique employment experience as in-house professionals with major international oil and gas corporations and long-term history of providing legal advice to major businesses in the industry.

In the context of legal support, we provide advice on industry related and corporate issues, support transactions, including M&A, and investment projects, facilitate litigation, advise on tax issues, and have rich experience in resolving tax disputes.

The oil and gas industry is indeed one of the key industrial sectors of the Russian economy. Increasingly growing global demand, development of new deposits, increased refining operations and reliability of export supplies, introduction of cutting-edge technologies and imposition of additional requirements for green operations, social responsibility and corporate governance mean that major energy businesses regularly face new challenges that have a huge impact on their operational management processes.
Oil & gas