Litigation is not always the only appropriate and acceptable tool for resolving disputes arising between companies. High-quality and timely negotiations or mediation procedures can get the situation out of the deadlock and yield the desired results for the parties and facilitate the resolution of even the most complex and seemingly insoluble dispute amicably without incurring additional time expenditures, financial, reputational and legal costs or heavy fines.

ВКМР LEGAL’s team has solid experience in the amicable settlement of disputes, including those complicated due to the involvement of government authorities or court proceedings, including international arbitration.

Our practice covers the following services:

• Analysing the situation and legal risks from a legal perspective

• Developing a strategy and tactics for negotiating

• Evaluating and implementing a negotiating position

• Representing the client in the course of negotiations and/or acting as independent mediators during mediation procedures

• Preparing all necessary documents for stipulating agreements and facilitating the entry into an amicable agreement on mutually beneficial terms

• Monitoring the implementation of the agreements reached

Finding the best way to achieve your goals
Mediation & negotiations